Brief Summary of Advanced Roasting Seminar

 From the first day to the final day in the advanced roasting class, we were surrounded with nothing but coffee. We studied green beans, roasting machines, roasting colors, roasting techniques and many others. In the class, we learned that the world of coffee can be developed into science and artisan. The limited numbers of students in the class made the learning experience more personal and progressive. At the January 2011 class, we are glad to meet new friends from Stanford and Moscow.  We learned more in the class by sharing the trends, knowledge, local cultures and experiences from different backgrounds of people.

 We have been implementing the new knowledge and experiences in our labs. We can obviously sense tremendous roasting and cupping results before and after we take the class. We have setup procedures for different type of green beans based on its characteristic to produce consistent cupping result while maximizing our ability to observe the problems and the potentials on the beans.

 Our main goal is to provide consistent and better quality for our customers. In addition, we understand there are a lot of other things need to be learnt, and we look forward to learn and to get more information from others.

 We can know maximize our new Probat sample roaster with its capability to roast the green beans with
different approaches.

Thanks to you Mr. Boot   Smile    

 Advanced Roasting Class 2011