Sumatra Coffee Selected into the Top 24 Coffee in the World 2012

Roaster Guild Coffee Comp 2012

Many of Indonesians certainly are expecting their coffee and cultural tastes can be entered into the competition world-class coffee. For the year 2012 at least there was one person who can be regarded as the representative of Indonesia, and participated in the process of selecting the best coffee in 2012. That person was I, participated as one of the ten judges in the assessment team.

The process of selection and assessment of the best coffee starts from the physical and the scent of raw coffee itself, up to the flavors of coffee after drinking. In the year 2012, there are 265 coffees being entered into the competition from around the world, and this is the highest number compared in previous years. Of physical assessment, 165 copies are selected from the 265 copies, which subsequently judged from its flavors (cupping). Here's to ten judges who rate the 165 copies in accordance with the standards/ regulations of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Coffee Quality Institute. And for the year 2012, the Farmers Brothers coffee was generously providing his well equipped laboratory for use in this event.

The first day of the assessment process flavors (cupping) done on Saturday, March 24, 2012. The ten judges were divided into 3 groups, and each group selects different coffee. At 1 time of cupping session, there were 8 coffees being assessed. So there were 7 times cupping sessions total to assess those 165 coffees. On that day I counted about 280 cups of coffee which I assessed. The assessment process takes place from 9 am to 5 pm.

On the second day, the coordinator has summarized the best coffee 24 of 165 copies yesterday. Second day assignment of the 10 jurors was to provide an assessment of the 24 best coffee. This time, 10 judges were divided into 2 groups to cup the same coffees as much as 3 sessions. Each cupping session was completed, the ten judges discuss their assessment of each coffee were assessed. But the discussion did not change the scored that has been written in the assessment sheets. The collected scored will be summarized, and determine the 10 best coffee in the world based on the highest value after added.

From the discussion, I received a tip there was a coffee from Sumatra Indonesia in the 24 of the best coffees. It is unfortunate that the ten judges did not give a high enough score on the Sumatra coffee. There were only three judges who gave score between 87 and 90. I myself was not so satisfied with the Sumatra coffee. I believe that Sumatra coffee has much better coffee, and probably can win this year competition, because I had cup that great Sumatra coffee before.

The results of this assessment the second day will be announced and displayed at the largest coffee exhibition in the United States. This year will be held in Portland, Oregon on April 20, 2012.Together with this article I am attaching some photos from the coffee assessment. It is unfortunate that I cannot give more information because I have to maintain the confidentiality of the assessment and the coffee event. Please come to the 24th SCAA event in Portland, Oregon to know more and taste the 10 best coffees in the world this year.

SCAA Best coffee 2012

Article in Indonesia Media -April 2012